Electric Light Department

Scam Alert

Please be advised, commercial customers have received scam calls from someone claiming to be a representative of the Electric Light Department.  The caller threatens to terminate electric service if payment is not received immediately.

Our policy regarding electric service termination includes multiple letter notifications and a very visible door tag to ensure you are notified well in advance. At no time will the Electric Light Department call you to demand immediate payment.

If you ever have questions about such a call, please contact the Utilities Office at (978) 356-6635.

The Electric Light Department (ELD) powers the Town of Ipswich through the procurement and distribution of electricity. Our mission is to provide reliable electric service at a reasonable price in a way sustainability way.

As a community-owned, not-for-profit utility, everything we do is in service to our customers and the Town. We are continuously exploring new ways to develop our position as a relevant and valued asset to the community by anticipating future challenges and adapting to meet the expectations of our customers.