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9th Edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code – 780 CMR

Includes Referenced & Specialized Codes

The MSBC consists of a “Base Code” & “Residential Code” sets of amendments to the following

2015 Codes as published by the International Code Council (ICC)

              • International Residential Code (IRC) 
              • International Building Code (IBC) 
              • International Existing Building Code (IEBC)
              • International Mechanical Code (IMC)
              • International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
              • International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC)
              • Portions of the International Fire Code (IFC)

Residential Codes   Detached one and two family dwellings (Townhouses 3 stories or less)

Base / Commercial Codes   All buildings other than one and two family dwellings

  • 2015 International Building Code:  2015 IBC 
  • 9th Edition Base Amendments to the 2015 IBC:  9th Edition Base Code 780 CMR    
  • 2015 International Fire Code (portions as referenced in the IBC):  2015 IFC
  • 2015 International Existing Building Code:  2015 IEBC  
  • 9th Edition Base Amendments to the 2015 IEBC:  780 CMR Chapter 34  
  • Accessibility Codes /Architectural Access Board:  521 CMR

Energy Codes Residential and Commercial (Base)

Mechanical Codes  Mechanical systems, ventilation, exhaust and duct systems

  • 2015 International Mechanical Code: 2015 IMC
  • Sheet Metal Code - Board of Examiners of Sheet Metal Workers: 271 CMR

Swimming Pool & Spa Codes

  • International Swimming Pool & Spa Code:  2015 ISPSC

Mass Electrical Code: 2017 National Electric Code:  2017 NFPA 70  with Mass Amendments 527 CMR 12

Mass Fire Safety Code:  2015 NFPA 1  with Mass Amendments 527 CMR 1

Mass Plumbing and Gas Code: 248 CMR - Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters


BBRS: Board of Building Regulations & Standards-780 CMR  Office of Public Safety and Inspections

CMR: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulations Index

ICC: International Code Council Public Access

NFPA: National Fire Prevention Association

Ipswich Town Charter & Bylaws

Ipswich Protective Zoning Bylaws (As Amended through May, 2018)