Street Number Bylaw

Chapter XV
Section 14. Street Numbers Posted for All Buildings
  1. It shall be the duty of every owner and/or occupant of each house, building, and/or structure within the Town of Ipswich to place thereon the number of said house, building, or structure.
  2. The size, color, location, and visibility of said numbers shall be as follows:
    1. The minimum height of said number shall be 3 (3) inches in height.
    2. In order to be visible from the road, street, or way, the number shall be of a contrasting color and shall be reasonably visible to persons or vehicles approaching from either direction upon said road, street, or way.
      (Amended by vote of Annual Town Meeting, April 1,1991; approved by Attorney General July 16, 1991)
    3. The number shall be affixed to the front door or as close to the front door as possible.
    4. Where there are multiple houses, buildings, or structures located off the road on private ways, private roads, or private lanes, the numbers shall be placed at the following locations:
      1. The numbers shall be affixed to a post at the entrance to said private way, private road, or private lane.
      2. If the house, building, or structure is so far off the private way causing the numbers to be unidentifiable from the private way, then a post with the numbers affixed thereto shall be placed at the entrance of the driveway leading to the house, building or structure.
        (Added by vote of Town Meeting, April 4, 1988; approved by the Attorney General June 10, 1988)
  3. Each new building shall be identified in accordance with this Section before a Certificate of Use and Occupancy is issued therefore.
    (Added by vote of Town Meeting, April 1, 1991; approved by the Attorney General, July 16, 1991)
  4. Upon notice of violation, an owner or occupant shall correct such violation within thirty (30) days.
    (Added by vote of Town Meeting, April 1, 1991; approved by Attorney General, July 16, 1991. Amended by vote of Town Meeting on October 21, 1996; approved by Attorney General on December 9, 1996)