Recycling A-Z

Recycling Everyday Items

First, make full use of the municipal curbside recycling program.

Next, get your unwanted items into the hands of people who can use them.


Working appliances can be brought to Goodwill. Appliances that have outlived their usefulness can be brought for free to the transfer station for recycling. If you need curbside pickup of your appliance, call JRM/Republic to prepay a pickup (978-536-2500) and they will give you a date to put your item at the curb.

Clothing and Textiles

Bring your textiles to the Ecosmith box at any of Ipswich's schools or to the American Red Cross box at the transfer station. All textiles, including ripped or stained items, must be clean and dry. Need a curbside pickup? Visit to sign up. Additional items are listed below and in the DONATION GUIDE. Other useful items not listed? Offer them on, NextDoor or Craigslist.

Plastic Bags & Film

Plastic bags and film (case wrap, paper towel wrap, etc.) can be recycled! Many grocery and retail stores (Shaw's, Market Basket, Target, Kohl's, Staples, Lowe's) have recycling bins for plastic grocery bags (labeled #2 or #4) and plastic film. Recycle them during your weekly shopping trip, or consider reusing them for some other household purpose. Avoid using them completely by investing in reusable bags, which are available at most grocery and retail stores or online.

Working appliances can be brought to Goodwill. Appliances that have outlived their usefulness can be brought to the transfer station for recycling. If you need curbside pickup of your appliance, call JRM to prepay a pickup (978-536-2500) and they will give you a date to put your item at the curb.


Rechargeable, car and household batteries can be recycled at the Transfer Station. Tedford's Hardware, Best Buy and Staples will also take rechargeable batteries for recycling. Button-cell batteries (watches, hearing aids, remote car starters, etc.) may contain mercury and are collected at Town Hall at the Treasurer's office, the Department of Public Works office and the Council on Aging.


Book donations can be placed in the More Than Words bin at the Transfer Station. The Ipswich Public Library will accept small donations of newer books that can be resold.

Cars & Trucks

Several charities in Massachusetts will recycle your car and/or other vehicles, and guidelines for donating are offered by the Attorney General's office. Here are some charities that accept vehicle donations: American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Goodwill, Make-a-Wish, Salvation Army, Special Olympics, Vehicles for Veterans MA. You can also check with your favorite charity to see if they have a program.

CDs, DVDs and Video Games

Unwanted but still-good CDs, video games and DVDs can be donated in the More Than Words collection box at the transfer station.

Cell Phones and MP3 Players
Bring these to the Public Works office for recycling. Phones and MP3 players in working order are sent to Cell Phones for Soldiers and nonprofit organizations in need of devices for music.

Christmas Trees

Live trees (decorations removed) should be brought to the transfer station (Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8 AM to 3:30 PM). Artificial trees are considered a bulky item and require a sticker.

Computers & Electronics 

At special collection events in May and September, Ipswich organizations offer electronics recycling for a small fee. For curbside pickup, call JRM at 978-536-2500 to schedule and prepay a pickup ($25). Goodwill accepts some electronics (no TVs) that are in working order at their donation sites. Staples and Best Buy will recycle electronics for free and monitors and computers for a fee even if they were not purchased there. Call before you go.


The Ipswich Lions Club collects eyeglasses at the Council on Aging (Town Hall) and in their mailbox in the parking lot of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church at One Pineswamp Road. The mailbox for eyeglasses is clearly marked and located in the back right corner of the lot, next to the clothing bins.


Market Basket has an American flag receptacle at the entrance. American Legion Posts and VFW Posts also accept flags for proper disposal.

Flower Pots
Bring EMPTY and RINSED plastic pots and cases to the garden center at Lowes in Danvers for reuse/recycling. Flower pots (plastic, ceramic, glass) cannot go in your curbside bin.

Holiday Lights
Recycle strands of holiday lights at the transfer station during operating hours -- Wednesdays and Fridays (excluding holidays) from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. Remove any decorations (tinsel, greens, etc.) and broken bulbs. Small amounts of light strands can be brought to the DPW office.

Household Items

Donations of working, gently used household items can be given to the Goodwill Store, Savers and Project Home Again. Some organizations, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Epilepsy Foundation, Vietnam Veterans of America, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul will pick up reusable household items from your home on a schedule or by appointment.

Ink Cartridges

Cartridges can be dropped off at Staples and Best Buy.

These should be put in the trash.


 Any item at least 60% metal can be brought to the Transfer Station. You will need a beach sticker or Transfer Station permit (available free at the Department of Public Works -- bring your Ipswich car registration).


Vinyl records can be donated to Savers (139 Endicott Street) or Goodwill (301 Newbury Street) in Danvers.

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Remove the batteries (see above for recycling batteries) and then put these items in your trash.

Sneakers/Athletic Shoes

Items that can still be worn may be put in the collection bin at any Ipswich school. But worn-out athletic shoes can be recycled! Nike collects all brands of worn-out athletic footwear (no cleats or dress shoes) in their Reuse-A-Shoe Program at Nike and Converse locations. (Nike stores with collection bins are located in Somerville, MA; Kittery, ME; and Merrimack and Tilton, NH. Converse stores are in Somerville at Assembly Row and in Merrimack, NH.).

Sporting Goods

If you have baseball mitts and bats, volleyballs, basketballs, ski equipment, snowboards, weights, etc., consider donating them. Vietnam Vets of America accepts these items. Passback, a donation program of the US Soccer Federation, accepts soccer cleats, balls, shin guards, pads, nets, shirts or shorts, etc.

Kids' Items

Again, reuse is your best bet for discarding unwanted or outgrown children’s accessories. These items (clean and dry) can be dropped off at the Transfer Station in the American Red Cross bin or by calling for pickup.

Wire Hangers

Wire hangers in good condition can be returned to the dry cleaner for reuse. Wire hangers are also accepted in the metal dumpster at the transfer station.