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Revised and adopted at January 27, 2022 PLANNING BOARD MEETING:

Potential Zoning Amendments for October 24, 2023 Special Town Meeting

On July 20, 2023, the Planning Board voted to initiate three zoning articles for potential inclusion on the warrant for the October 24, 2023 Special Town Meeting. On July 24, in accordance with Section V of Chapter 40A of the Mass General Laws, the Select Board formally referred the articles to the Planning Board for its review and consideration of each.

Copies of the draft language for each article can be found here, along with summaries of their content and purpose. For a timeline for the presentation and review of the zoning articles leading up to town meeting, click here.   

As noted in the timeline, the Planning Board will be holding two public hearings on the proposed articles, the first on August 10th, and the second on August 31st. All interested parties may speak to the proposed amendments at the hearings, or submit comments at any time during that time period by sending an email here.

After hearing public input and giving further consideration to the proposed amendments, the Board will make its final recommendation to the Select Board on September 5th as it relates to the number, language, and content of the zoning articles to be included in the special town meeting.

Questions about the proposed amendments may also be directed to the Planning Office at 978-356-6607, ext.1 or by emailing Brendan Conboy at


A Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a community's proactive strategy for planning and developing affordable housing. In February, 2020, the Town of Ipswich kicked off a process to develop a new five-year HPP, working with consultants JM Goldson, LLC. Please find more information here. An active HPP will enable the Town to meet its affordable housing needs in a manner consistent with the Chapter 40B statute and regulation. More information about the State's Housing Production Plans can be found here.


A Community Development Plan is a report used to guide local decisions to shape future development, prepare for future challenges, and preserve community assets. This document provides a basis for local decision-making about land use planning and development, including housing policy, transportation investment, economic development, and capital improvement planning or public facilities and infrastructure, Under the direction of the Planning Board, Department of Planning and Community Development, and the Community Development Plan Steering Committee, the Town is updated its 2003 Community Development Plan. Please see our current CDP here.


The Town of Ipswich is working on Section 3A compliance and achieving related housing goals outlined in our Community Development Plan (CDP). For more information about this legislation and process, visit the Section 3A - MBTA Communities landing page linked here.


The Town of Ipswich has been working with the Ipswich River Watershed Association and other partners to explore the feasibility of removing the Ipswich Mills Dam located at the head of tide in downtown Ipswich. For more information about the project, visit the Ipswich Mills Dam website.



The Planning Office updates this page as Applicants submit new materials. Please call Staff with any questions at 978-356-6607. If you wish to submit written comments to the Planning Board, please address your correspondence to the Board, provide your name and address, and email to

Battery Energy Storage System Special Permit Modification

Permit Plan

Turner Hill Irrigation Well Special Permit

Permit Plan
Feedback from Open Space Steward 02-28-23
Comments from Conservation Commission to PB 03-02-23
Order of Conditions 11-02-22
Comments from Board of Health to PB 03-08-23
Board of Health Irrigation Well Permit 03-13-23
Letter from Water Dept to PB 03-16-23
Water Commissioners Letter to PB 03-22-23

Public Comments
Letter from IRWA 03-06-23


36 Linebrook Road Use Special Permit/Site Plan Review for Public Safety Building (August 2023)

Certificate of Vote 8-21-23

Plan Set
Updated Materials for Planning Board Meeting 07-20-23
Design Review Board Presentation 07-25-23
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board Review 07-31-23
Shade Tree Beautification Committee Landscape Review 08-01-23

Letter to PB from Applicant's Atty, Amy Kwesell 08-10-23
Applicant Response to DRB and Pedestrian Advisory Board 08-10-23
Updated Materials for Planning Board Meeting 08-10-23

Public Comments
Letter to PB from Atty. Meredith Fine 07-18-23
Email from Diane Young 07-24-23
Email from John Sarni 08-14-23
Email from Scott Finlay 08-15-23

36 Linebrook Road Site Plan Review/Special Permit for Public Safety Building (Withdrawn August 2023)

Plan Set
Design Review Board Presentation 05-10-23
Revised Report 06-01-23
Revised Plan Set 06-01-23
Memo from Water Department to Planning Board 06-06-23
Materials incl. renderings, parking, sun study, lighting, etc. 06-09-23
Site Plan Review Standards Narrative 06-22-23
Revised C-1.0 Vehicular Layout 06-23-23
Revised C-3.0 Grading Plan 06-23-23
Revised L-1.0 Landscape Plan 06-23-23
Materials for Design Review Board Meeting 06-27-23
Materials for Planning Board Meeting 06-29-23
Applicant Request to Withdraw Application 08-16-23 

Public Comments
Email from Eric Josephson to PB 06-12-23
Letters to PB from Atty. Meredith Fine and Eric Colville, PE 06-13-23
Email from Amanda Tower to PB 06-29-23
Email from Seth Perry to PB 06-29-23