The Electric Light Department is governed by the Town’s Select Board acting as Electric Light Commissioners.  The Department is also served by the Electric Subcommittee which is an advisory group that meets nearly every month to discuss topics such as budgets, operations, rate design, and policy.

  1. Electric Light Commissioners

The Electric Light Commissioners have the ultimate authority on all matters related to the Electric Light Department.  They are responsible for approving new policies, fiscal year budgets, and any changes to electric rates, among other things.  


They also appoint the Electric Light Manger who oversees the organization's daily operations and makes strategic decisions about the Department's position. 


Current Commissioners (in picture from left to right):Charles Surpitski, Linda D. Alexson, Sarah Player, Carl Nylen, Michael S. Dougherty

  1. Electric Subcommittee

The Electric Subcommittee is an integral part of the Electric Light Department's ability to serve the Town. The Subcommittee is comprised of one Commissioner, one member of the Finance Committee, and four residents at-large. This diverse cross-section of stakeholders provides invaluable insight to Department leadership and helps keep the Department connected to its governing body, fellow municipal departments, and rate-payers.

The Subcommittee usually meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 7pm - 9pm.  Residents are welcome to come for Citizens' Queries which takes place at the beginning of each meeting.

To see agendas and minutes from past meetings, a long range agenda for future meeting topics, or contact options for Subcommittee members, please visit the Electric Subcommittee's webpage.