Water Neutral Growth Plan

The Town of Ipswich municipal water supply is threatened by factors in common with many neighboring water systems as well as many that are unique to Ipswich. Current stressors to the municipal supply include physical supply limitations, quality concerns which affect the use of certain sources, and restrictions imposed by the State to reduce the impact of the withdrawals on the environment.

To address these challenges, the Town of Ipswich Water Department pursued a Climate Resiliency grant from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and partnered with the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) to undertake a study to explore and identify opportunities for the Town to achieve water neutral growth through the minimization of demand from new growth and development and offsetting that demand through the reduction of water use elsewhere in the community.

Use the link below to view the full plan.

Water Neutral Growth Plan Cover - May 2020