Peatfield Landing River Dock

21 Peatfield Street - Town owned

- Pocket park located in downtown Ipswich

- Public access to the Ipswich River

- Seasonal stationary dock with a seating area

- Public boat rack available for temporary storage

- Common to paddlers of all levels of experience

- Part of the Ipswich River Trail developed by the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA)

- On-site parking available and within walking distance of MBTA commuter rail station

Important note: It is recommended you watch this YouTube video, demonstrating kayak safety in low water conditions, prior to attempting to getting in and out of your watercraft.

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More information:

Peatfield Landing, located in downtown Ipswich, is a pocket park located downstream from the Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) headquarters. It is a part of the Ipswich River Trail, initially created by IRWA, and offers public access to the freshwater portion of the Ipswich River, a 45-mile waterway. The Landing offers a seasonal dock, seating area, and a public boat rack available for temporary storage. Individuals participating in kayaking and canoeing typically utilize this space to put in and take out their boats. This location is the last public landing site along the freshwater portion of the river before the Ipswich Mills Dam and the start of the estuary portion of the river. Dating back to post European settlement in the late 19th century, Peatfield Landing has had a long history of public river access. It is likely that Native inhabitants of the area utilized the area prior to that time period.

Through Ipswich’s Conservation Commission, the Town has owned the property since the 1970s. Up until 2021, access to the river had been informal and challenging. The Open Space Program, with the assistance of New England Biolabs Local Community Grants and The Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation, installed a seasonal dock with a seating area. This granted paddlers easy access to explore the beauty of the Ipswich River. The portion of the river at this location provides calm and flat waters, which is great for both beginner and advanced paddlers. Parking is available on-site. The Ipswich MBTA train station is located two blocks away from this site. Additionally, amenities including food, beverages, and shopping are a short walk to downtown.