Turner Hill Trails

1 Manor House Lane - Privately owned

- Trails are open for public use

- One trail is open year-round

- Two other trails are seasonal (accessible December 1st – February 28th annually; may be extended based on golf course opening and closing dates)

- The total trail distance from Topsfield Road to Willowdale State Forest is approximately ¾ of a mile

- All trails are marked and maintained by Turner Hill Golf

- Public parking for trail access is on-site (located on the left side of Stonebridge Road past the golf course maintenance barn and before the tennis courts)


More information:

Privately-owned Turner Hill has a number of public trails open for public use. One trial is open year-round and runs from Topsfield Road north through the golf course and connects to the Willowdale State Forest at the northern edge of the property. It runs along a former fire road, is relatively flat and passes through the golf course greens and stretches of woods. A segment of this year-round trail is a westerly spur trail that splits from the north-south trail at approximately the halfway point, and continues through the residences and golf course development to the property’s western boundary. There is not further public trail access beyond this point. The property also offers two seasonal trail sections that are open to the public. These trails run east-west primarily along the golf cart paths through the property. One of the trails starts in the adjoining Longmeadow Drive neighborhood at the far northeastern property boundary and connects up with the year-round north-south trail. The other trail segment splits off from the north-south trail near the northern property boundary with Willowdale, and runs west toward the western property boundary. Neither of the seasonal trails connect with trails at either end of the Turner Hill property boundary and only link to the interior north-south trail.